Thursday, June 25, 2009

Seeking a blog instructor

We are looking for an instructor to teach a series of blogging classes.

We have had a lot of interest in a basic 101 blog class in a computer classroom environment. This would be limited to about 15 students who would sit at a computer and get set up on a blog. This is for folks who know NOTHING about blogs. So very basic set up and get going sort of event.

We had also thought that this could be focused on either a wordpress or blogger format. We'd prefer if one was chosen to keep it simple for folks.

Then we had interest in a second course that would focus more on how to increase your visibility, make your posts more of a draw. This would be for folks who have a blog are listing regularly but want tips and insight into how to make their blog more successful. This would also be in a computer classrooms and it would help if you had knowledge of various platforms.

Both of these could be paid courses - we can discuss your fee along with computer lab fees in order to figure out a student registration fee.

If interested please email: with a note about your qualifications and availability.

Thanks! Andrea Porter

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