Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 19th- How important is branding to your business?

How important is a logo to your business?
How does it represent you and your company?
How can I find a good designer to create my logo and brand identity?
What other things are involved in branding?

Beth Bacon (Zoyo Branding), Corianton Hale (Zoyo Branbing) and Michael Ellsworth (Dumb Eyes) will come answer all your burning questions about branding!

Zoyo Branding is a Seattle-area company that helps organizations define, articulate, and visualize their brand identities. We look at companies’ current attributes and future goals and synthesize them into functional, concrete brands. The principal at Zoyo Branding is Beth Bacon whose clients have included some of today’s brand leaders including Apple Computer and Procter and Gamble. Beth a graduate of Harvard University (magna cum laude in Literature) and has a Master’s in Media Ecology from NYU. She recently returned from a year-long, 50-state trip in an RV. The designer at Zoyo Branding is Corianton Hale, whose work has been featured in six years worth of Print Magazine’s Regional Design Annual, as well as multiple graphic design anthologies in the USA and overseas. In addition to six years at the Seattle arts weekly The Stranger, Corianton has worked in France and the United Kingdom, and left his position as the Stranger's Art Director in 2006 to focus on his freelance career.

Dumb Eyes is a full service design studio that assists everyone from individuals to corporations in differentiating themselves from their competition.

As a creative team, Dumb Eyes excels at bringing their unique talents to bear on all projects. From branding to creating dynamic web applications to developing entire marketing campaigns, each project undertaken by Dumb Eyes is treated as an original work of art, and is executed with the attention and creativity it deserves.

If you are a member of GBA this is a free event. If you are not a member it is $5.00 at the door. Or you can become a member by signing up online.

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