Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ZAAZ is looking for help

Hi All!
We’re working with the SMB (Small and Mid-Sized Business) Group at Microsoft to create 4 short videos (less than a minute long) for their portal. We are planning to start on filming NEXT WEEK which means we need to find some awesome small or medium sized businesses to feature.

This is where you come in since we desperately need your help!!! WHO DO YOU KNOW?! Please let me know if you know (or maybe you own one!) someone who would be interested in being featured. This would amount to national exposure on the SMB portal to other small business owners.

Keep in mind – these aren’t big “use Microsoft NOW” videos. We’re trying to tell 4 simple stories:
·         Stick to the Basics
·         Do More in Less Time
·         Find and Manage Customers
·         Simplify IT
We want to hear about their business, their passion, and a little bit about how technology helps them reach their goals.

The commitment is minimal – we’d like to shoot on location (i.e. in their offices/warehouses/kitchens/etc) and we’ll have a list of questions that we’ll be asking. All they need to do is relax and talk about how great their business is. The biggest caveat is that we’d like them to be within driving distance of Seattle (i.e. western Washington.)

Please reach out to your friends and family and let me know if they’d be interested. I can run with it from there!

Thanks so much!
Suzanne Sheldon
Program Manager
Team Microsoft