Saturday, April 18, 2009

Creative Arts Consulting

Are you look for some one on one help to get your business stated? Marlo M. who lead our Etsy 101 class last Wednesday also runs Creative Arts Consulting. Sometimes it is really helpful to talk to someone who is independent from you and your business to get a fresh look at how you can strengthen your business.

Here is a bit from her site:

Marlo M. of specializes in guiding creative business owners through the challenges of running a successful business while offering a unique level of caring, nurturing and support that encourages growth on all levels.

Contact me today and I'll help you start, run and/or grow your creative product-based business with the knowledge of 20+ years of experience in the Retail (selling product to the end consumer) and Wholesale (selling products at wholesale prices to stores, galleries and catalogs nationwide and abroad) Gift Industries.

+ Are you starting a creative, art-based business?
+ Do you need someone to discuss your new ideas with?
+ Would you like feedback that will help your business grow?
+ Are you looking for advice about which direction to take your business?
+ Maybe you're thinking of adding new products or changing your look?
+ Do you need help with your pricing structure?
+ Do you need ideas on streamlining your production process?
+ Are your sales are sluggish?
+ Would you like to figure out how to rejuvenate your sales?
+ Need practical advice beyond what your friends and family can provide?
+ How about some help opening your Etsy shop?

Rate and contact details can be seen on her site:

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